My research focuses on the econometrics of dynamic discrete choices and games, including optimal stopping and duration analysis; with applications to industrial organization, insurance, and labor markets. I also started working on new applied topics, such as student tracking in Dutch secondary education.  


Selected publications

  • Abbring, J.H. and T. Salimans (2019), "The likelihood of mixed hitting times”, Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming, arXiv:1905.03463 [econ.EM].
  • Abbring, J.H. and Ø. Daljord (2020), "A comment on ‘Estimating dynamic discrete choice models with hyperbolic discounting’ by Hanming Fang and Yang Wang", International Economic Review, 61(2), 565–571.
  • Abbring, J.H. and Ø. Daljord (2020), “Identifying the discount factor in dynamic discrete choice models", Quantitative Economics, 11(2), 471–501.
  • Abbring, J.H., J.R. Campbell, J. Tilly, and N. Yang (2018), “Very simple Markov-perfect industry dynamics: Theory", Econometrica, 86, 721–735.


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