I recruit PhD students exclusively from Tilburg University's Research Master in Economics, which offers a standard two-year program of PhD courses and research work and forms an integral part of CentER's graduate program in Economics.

Research Master students with an interest in structural econometrics and computational economics are advised to take our course in Empirical Industrial Organization and to join the activities of the Structural Econometrics Group. 

My current PhD advisees are

  • Yanhong Lin (with Bettina Siflinger; expected 2024)
  • Xiaoyue Zhang (with Christoph Walsh; expected 2023)
  • Rafael Greminger (with Tobias Klein; expected 2022)
  • Ittai Shacham (with Jeffrey Campbell and Tobias Klein; expected 2021)
  • Emanuel Marcu (with Bart Bronnenberg and Jeffrey Campbell; expected 2021)
  • Bas van Heijningen (with Jeffrey Campbell; expected 2021)

My past PhD graduates are

  • Laura Capera Romero (with Tobias Klein; graduated 07/12/2020; first job at VU Amsterdam)
  • Lei Lei (with Arthur van Soest; graduated 26/05/2020; first job at Southwestern University of Economics and Finance, China)
  • Yifan Yu (with Peter Kort; graduated 12/04/2019; first job at Zhejiang University, China)
  • Kun Zheng (with Ina Drepper; graduated 21/01/2019; first job at Shandong University, China)
  • Renata Rabovič (with Pavel Čižek; graduated 07/12/2018; first job at University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Ali Palali (second advisor; first advisor Jan van Ours; graduated 07/09/2015; first job at CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis)
  • Nan Yang (with Jeffrey R. Campbell) at Tinbergen Institute/VU Amsterdam (graduated 19/12/2012; first job at the National University of Singapore Business School)
  • Tibor Zavadil at Tinbergen Institute/VU Amsterdam (graduated 13/01/2009; first job at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan, France)

In addition, I regularly advise students on their BSc and MSc theses. 

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