I currently teach courses in econometrics and empirical industrial organization.

Econometrics (BSc)

This is a second year BSc economics course in Tilburg (30L203 and 30K208). I taught a similar course at the University of Chicago in 2000/01 (Econ 210). It provides an introduction to econometric methods, with a strong emphasis on the application of these methods in applied economic research.


Empirical industrial organization (RM/PhD)

I teach this course in Tilburg with Bart Bronnenberg and Tobias Klein (230319 and 230323). I also taught its second half in the Finnish Doctoral Programme in Economics (SEIO11). The course targets second year Research Master and PhD students in business and economics with an interest in structural econometrics and computational economics. It aims at familiarizing them with current research in empirical industrial organization and marketing, and preparing them to do their own research in the field.


Duration analysis (RM/PhD)

I most recently taught this as a mini-course in the Danish Graduate Programme in Economics (Aarhus, Denmark). I also taught versions and parts of it at the University of Chicago (Econ 315+316), University College London (BP3), the ENSAE in Malakoff (Paris), Tinbergen Institute (721/I), the CIdE Summer School of Econometrics (Bertinoro, Italy), and Yale University.


The econometrics of market structure and competition (BSc/MSc)

This short course is the econometrics unit in the CentER Honors Program. This extracurricular program is offered annually to Tilburg's 30 best BSc and MSc students in economics, econometrics, and business.


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