My PhD was on topics in labor economics and I continue to be broadly interested in labor, education, population, and health economics.

I am currently working with Renata Rabovič on student tracking in Dutch secondary education.

Abbring, Jaap H. and Renata Rabovič (2019), “Teacher discretion in educational tracking”, in progress.

In the Netherlands, subjective teachers' assessments play an important role in assigning graduating primary school pupils to secondary school tracks. If teachers have information on pupils' human capital beyond standardized test scores, such teacher discretion may improve the match between pupils and tracks. If they hold discriminatory views or false beliefs about groups of pupils, it may alternatively lead to worse matches. We first use rich administrative data to show that, for given test scores, teachers recommend higher secondary school tracks to pupils with more educated parents. The relations between teachers' recommendations and immigration status as well as mother's income are weaker, whereas the relations with gender and father's income are unsubstantial. We then propose and implement a method to disentangle whether teachers primarily act on superior information about pupils' potential performance in secondary education or on discriminatory views and mistaken beliefs.


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